I need to customize BPT Function. Don't need the TaskBox approach

I need to customize BPT Function. Don't need the TaskBox approach


I have created this application for our internal use here in our company using the BPT functionality of Outsystems.  Our usecase does not involve using the TaskBox as we think it is not a practical way of making a list of workflows. Such in a case where the user has hundreds of Tasks but the way the TaskBox workflow is designed is it is for individual Task only wherein you click this one Task and it will put you to that particular page for that particular Task only.

Also, I am still having a hard time understanding why it is beneficial to use the BPM way of doing this. I think it adds complexity to the application rather than simplifying it. LIke, the Activities are all just bunches of normalized databases. I've had a previous iteration of the project, before my bosses told me to add BPM (Processes), that I think is much more simpler and has a lot of flexibility as opposed to the BPM way. Like, I can create additional kind of Activity just by creating a CRUD page for that while opposed to the BPM way I need to add a Human Activity each time there is additional Task. It's like, for me, the BPM way is just hardcoding of the Business Process Flow which is not flexible enough. The only advantage I see on them is it is easily can be understood by business people because of the diagram.

Please can you kindly enlighten me why we need to use the BPM way?

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Lonceras
Hello Jonathan,
That's indeed a tricky question, the combination of application development and BPT provides an unrivaled implementation capability, however you are right, sometimes just adds complexity.
It's difficult to understand the scenarios when it's better to use it or disregard that approach.
In my opinion when you have a high number of active processes and your flows are constantly changing, it wiil be difficult to manage all the BPT processes, however not impossible, but you will need to have that into consideration, some knowledge will be required in order to do it in the right way, sometimes you only learn from bad experiences.
Please take a look to this post:
Hope it helps you!
Best regards.
Daniel Martins
Thanks Daniel.

I read the link you provided. I also have that concern whether the previous activities will be implemented correctly or not if processes are changed suddenly.