Popup at end of an action

I have a "Add a new record" screen which has a save button at the end. The action associated with the button creates/updates database. What I want after this updating of database, is a popup to show the user some more options that he can interact with. But I am not sure how to achieve this. Need help. 

Note: I know how to create popup on click of a button. But here, I want some actions to be performed before generating a pop up.
Create a screen-action, and add the actions you want to perform and add a Feedback_massage action before the End of the action.

Hi Ritu,

Since the Popup Editor widget is run from navigation, you can execute a Javascript function to open it (there is an action in the HTTPRequestHandler extension to do that). Check out this link and let me know if it helps.

Hi Isaac,

You are probably refering to the run javascript action. I got that part, but which method would I have to call in that javascript to open the pop up.


There is actually an easier way than I previously mentioned. Check this link:

I went ahead and created an example here, check it out! I added logic that if the data in attribute3 is not "", open the popup editor. Otherwise, show a message saying 'blank!'.