HTTP Compression support

HTTP Compression support

I would like to know if OutSystems platform supports HTTP compression to optimize bandwidth usage. We are looking at interactive web pages delivered in countries where bandwidth may be limited.

We are using OutSystems on JBoss and since JBoss supports http compression, however will this be a supported configuration? Has anyone tried this and encountered any issues?

Any advice re this will be appreciated.

Hi Pradeep!

Since the platform sits on top of standard technologies (such as JBoss), I would expect this to work without any issue. But I've never tried it. Let us know if you find any problem in your tests.

The .NET/IIS installation instructions say specifically to install HTTP compression support, so for .NET/IIS, the answer is "yes". As Paulo says, there is no reason why it should not be supported on JBoss.

Thanks Paulo and Justin. I see no reason why it shouldn't be supported - and wanted to hear from the community if people have already tried it and if there were any field issues. I will be testing this out in a lab setup and report back to close the thread.
Hi all,

how can I see if we have HTTP compression installed in our platform? It's a tool that come installed by default or we need to install it?

Thanks in advance.

Check under the "Role" items in Server Manager to make sure that static compression and dynamic compression are installed under IIS. The installation checklist has the specific information.