Count Orders By Day

Hi there, 

So logically this should be realy easy to do... But somehow im struggeling.

I just want to count orders done by day, and plot them on a graph.
Does anyone know how to do this? using standard sql element or should one use the Advanced?

I have sucesfully implemented some graphs so that part should be easy enough... now I just need the different counts.

Thanks in advanced
I believe you'll need an advanced query for this, something like:

SELECT    OrderDate, COUNT(*) AS Count
FROM         {YourTable}
GROUP BY OrderDate
HAVING      (OrderDate BETWEEN #01/01/2014# AND #01/31/2014#)
ORDER BY OrderDate

Change OrderDate to the date field in your table and change YourTable to the table you are using (be sure to use the curly braces).  You are definitely going to need the HAVING clause because you'll have too many points to plot otherwise.  Using a month range, as in my example, gives 31 points and that might be too much.  Once you get the query working the way you want you should have no trouble using that as the source for your graph.

Hope this helps,