Service Studio Debugging Hangs with Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Service Studio Debugging Hangs with Kaspersky Anti-Virus


I have Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows installed in my laptop, and when I run Service Studio with Debug option on, the application runs until reaching the first Breakpoint, and when I click the buttons to step over each step, service studio hangs, ending up in a timeout for the application.

Service Studio is already added to Kaspersky Trusted Applications list, but the problem persists.
Anyone has any idea on why is this happening, and how to solve it?

thank you very much in advance,
Ana Sofia Santana
Hello Ana,

Have you checked the following topic for possible causes for this issue?

Can you turn off Karspersky entirely to check if it is indeed causing the issue?
Hello Ricardo,

Yes, I have checked that topic, and none of those causes apply.
In fact, I can work without any problem with the same eSpace, in another machine that does not have Kaspersky anti-virus installed.
I cannot turn off the anti-virus, it's a corporate anti-virus and administrated centrally for all users.
I need to know what has to be configured in the anti-virus console in order to Debug to function...

Best Regards,
Ana Sofia Santana
Without properly understanding exactly what's happening, we can't tell you any quick-win configuration for that.

I suggest you contact our Support for further things you can try just on the Outsystems Platform side.