Reporting merge bug in Service Studio

Reporting merge bug in Service Studio


I have two different eSpaces that differ at least in one Advanced Query. The Sql select is completely different!!!

The merge fails to notice these big differences. Is it only in Advanced Queries when merge fails? I don't know! But take attention in this. Could be a real problem...

Was it corrected in more recent versions of Service Studio? And is it limited to advanced queries? I would like to know if anyone knows.

Hi Pedro,

Can you provide 2 eSpaces examples where you can replicate the problem?
I tried and couldn't replicate it. (on a more recent version since I don't have a at the moment to try)

João Rosado
It doesn't happen all the time. I have placed the 2 different advanced queries and placed in equal eSpaces and the merge starts to work again.

I will try to isolate the problem. I can't provide the original eSpaces sorry (private reasons).

Thank you João for your reply