outsystems ecommerce (forge) bug!

the app is seriously buggy.if i add a review on an item it pop up this error "The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "OSFRK_OSUSR_y9w_Review1_OSUSR_Y9W_CUSTOMER1_CUSTOMER". The conflict occurred in database "QKCS0A012", table "dbo.OSUSR_Y9W_CUSTOMER1", column 'ID'. The statement has been terminated"
I'll fix that one and upload a new version. It's a simple fix. If you find others pls post here.
Just fixed in v2.0.1
"Your server license does not allow using HTTP Security, and HTTPS/SSL & Client Certificates. Please do not use it or contact OutSystems for a license upgrade." ..That the error i get when compiling

did u eneble https .i checked the web flows and checked the espace in service studio.i cant see any https enabled.

ok it was in checkout screen. ssl was enabled.doesnt the presonal edition support https/ssl but not with certificates.ssl only was enabled and it failed to compile
Tmlewin Eruchie wrote:
ok it was in checkout screen. ssl was enabled.doesnt the personal edition support https/ssl but not with certificates.ssl only was enabled and it failed to compile
The new update doesnt work i ran it and no single item was available .all the products and category was empty as if it was connecting to a wrong datasource.The new update is plagued with issues.i am trying to bootstrap data into the database and manually fix it myself
i have fixed it so far . i bootstraped all data.the issuse has been resolved everything works. except i get this at backoffice "
Sample data error
There was a problem creating sample data.

Please check ServiceCenter error log.

i have republished sample data espace multiple times.i even packed the 3 espace as a solution and click one published the solution to eliminate any conflict or outdated references .but the sample data link gives the error.thanks
Hmm, what does your Service Center error log has to say? any particular error during the sample data bootstrap process?
service center is not reporting any error.everything works except that.i even went to user backend  under application  i added a user to store manager and it didnt work.the only thing i will do is to delete sample data and reupload the espace agian and publish.this is really an issue.No error during bootstrap process.Thanks
problem solved finally.i simply deleted sample data only .uploaded and published and it finally worked.Thanks a lot.Now i can now tweak the sample app.issue solved...
Hello Goncalo,
Does the online version in the forge updated to run with the latest version of the platform or is it allready compatible.
Do you know projects on whitch it has been sucessfully used?
Any comment will be helpfull as I'm investigating using it for one of my clients in retail business.
Hi Pierre,
I just uploaded an upgraded version of the eCommerce app and its dependencies (Geo, Star Rating, UPS, Paypal) to the Forge. Upgrade was immediate. So you should be able to install with 1 click from within Service Studio.

I don't know of real projects where it has been used; maybe the community does... bear in mind this is just a simple template. But it should be a good starting point.

Good luck.
Thankx Goncalo,
Beside this app, do you know examples of clients that designed eCommerce portal for retail for example with the tool?

There's a public case study on Wasco - http://www.outsystems.com/case-studies/wasco/wasco-mobile-product-catalog/ and a large set of customers and apps in the retail space - http://www.outsystems.com/solutions/retail/
You might want to take a look. There are a few other customers doing eCommerce, mostly B2B retail as far as I am aware. You should contact OutSystems for more info on those.

Hello Goncalo,
I got the infos from sales dept, thankx,
You did a good job the app is nice,
Can you tell me how to download the existing files in excel from the data base (to check the format of the datas as it is) and how to uploand new ones?