Network FileSystem

Network FileSystem

I want below task
-) browse for a file on your local computer using the inputFilename widget
-) upload the file, and store it somewhere on the (server) filesystem

Can any one help me to provide the steps or document that help me.


Hi Narendra,

This probably should be in your previous thread, as opposed to writing a new thread about the same question you asked.

As I previously mentioned, the Network FileSystem component will be able to accomplish what you need. You will simply need to reference the extension and use the actions within your module.

See example screenshot:

The selected action will write a binary file to the file path you specify as a parameter, also allowing you to impersonate a user that has the appropriate permissions to perform the action you need. If all else fails, open the extension in integration studio, add your own action with requisite implementaion in c#/Java, and publish. voila!