[FileSystem] File_Move Problems

[FileSystem] File_Move Problems

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Published on 10 Aug (13 days ago) by João Portela
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Published on 10 Aug (13 days ago) by João Portela
Hi there guys,

I'm experiencing some problems usign the File_Move action.

I'm trying to move a file from "/xpto" to "/xpto/test" with the File_Move action but unfortunately it simply doesn't move.

I've used the File_Copy and File_Delete and it worked as a charm!

I don't get any kind of error when using File_Move.

Can you please help?

PS - I'm working over a network folder and JBoss stack

Same problem here, except using WildFly app server.

What error does it give?

It gives no error at all.  However, there does seem to be a Linux permissions issue underlying the problem, as FileCopy fails with a permissions error. Perhaps the issue with FileMove is simply a lack of throwing the error.  Anyway, as soon as we sort out the permissions and retest, I'll update.