Can't enter decimal value into a textbox

Can't enter decimal value into a textbox


Hello - I have an entity that contains an attribute that is defined as a decimal (6 Length 2 Decimals).  I have a few fields from the entity on a popup edit form and when I enter 12.25 in the decimal field (text box linked to the decimal field) I get the following message: "Please select a valid value. The two nearest valid values are 12 and 13." 

What am I missing? 

Thank you.

I found out the issue.  The input field was defined with "Number" as the type.  This is what gives you the up and down arrows to the right inside the field.  I changed this value to Text and now I can enter 12.25.
Hi David,

Long time no see! Hope all is going well for you.

I thought I'd add a little nugget about this, since it is html5. Note the following link...

Obviously the platform only supports Text, Number, Email, and Search, but within those components you can automate some client side validation. Since this is html5, what you are seeing is the html5-compatible browser adding the up-down arrows to let you click your way to your integer value.

Since there are several html5 attributes you can add, 'min', 'max', 'step', and 'value', you can set these values in the extended properties of the input. Here is an example...


Hi Isaac.  Things are going well thank you.  Using the knowledge you shared and converting it into our first application.  Not a big application; just something to get started on. 

Thanks for the great information - I wasn't even aware of these extended properties. 

So far, having a great time with OutSystems.  I really appreciate your help.  Thank you and take care!