Hi everyone,

I'm developing in Outsystems (Agile Platform: with Oracle database.
I decided to test the cache of a Simple Query in Outsystems, checking which Queries were actually performed on BD. And one of the tests I did was the following:

1st - Simple Query that will get all alerts with 5m cache, without any parameter;

2nd - Pressing "Search", runs an action that only contains the Simple Query.

3 - Pressing for the first time on "Search", the query is executed in the BD. (expected behavior).
4 - Pressing the "Search" button again and over again, i checked that the BD received the Query command all the times that i pressed the button (unexpected behavior).

Is it normal that the query always reach the database even with the cache option active?


Edit: I was making this tests in the personal area. I came to the conclusion that when you change the Query cache in the personal area, the platform ignores this changes. Only when we publish in the public area, this change becomes available on both areas (public and personal). Don't know if this is the expected behaviour.