Submit link ignores Validation Parent after ajax refresh

Hi there,
I have 2 EditRecord widgets and 2 submit links, one for each EditRecord widget, which I set in the validation parent of the respective links.
When I click Submit1, EditRecord1 fields are validated, and when I click Submit2 it's the fields of EditRecord2 that are validated. Perfect so far.

But if I do an Ajax Refresh on the links, then each link will validate all of the fields.
I send an example oml in attachment.
Click Submit1, then Submit2 (correct behaviour), then click Refresh and repeat click Submit1 and then Submit2 (incorrect behaviour).

Any thoughts? Any workarounds?
Thanks a lot!
Hi Pedro,

That might be a problem in the platform. If it is still on your way I suggest you report it at

Tiago Simões