User supplied URLs and local file refs

User supplied URLs and local file refs

1  On a button click, how do I open the file browser and accept a user file selection into an entry widget?

2  How do I create a button that will send the user to his supplied local file or web URL?

Phil Gieseke
Hi Phil,

Regarding the first question here are the steps you should follow:

1) Add the upload file widget to the webscreen, this widget can be picked from the widgets bar:


2) Add a button to submit the selected file, the button method property should be set to "Submit":

3) Finally, the uploaded file information is made available automatically to be used inside the button action, so that you can perform the desired processing (e.g. insert the file in the database):

Regarding the second question, I suppose you are asking how to retrieve the file from the server. For enabling this a download builtin action is available to be used inside screen actions:


Best Regards,

Bruno Gonçalves