Users and Login


I have installed Studio 8 for testing.
In one of the video's about Users and Roles it shows how to connect to the "Users" app and add users etc.
When I go to the app in my personal environment I can't use "Admin" "Admin" to login.
What do I have to do to link my app to the Users app? (You can just point me to the documentation)

Mark -

Users are seperated by application. The admin/admin login is for Lifetime and the Service Center (they share a User Provider). The Users eSpace is another User provider with a different list of users.

You do NOT need to use Users, by the way! In your eSpace's properties, you can set it to use itself... or any other eSpace that is a User Provider... to be the User Provider for the eSpace. Users is just convenient because it has so many common user management tasks built-in, like adding/removing accounts, permissions, etc.

Search the docs for "user provider" for the full details.