Best way to install and learn Outsystems

Best way to install and learn Outsystems


I'm new at Outsystems. My question is what is the best way to learn from the begining. Install, deploy, configure, manage and programming.

I'm reading some documentation and viewing some videos from the youtube channel.
But if you have something structured... :)


The best way to get started working with the OutSystems Platform would be installing the development tools and creating your own personal environment on the cloud :)

That way you don't have to worry about installing and configuring anything. It's just already there, and you can get started in doing what you really want to do: your applications.

I'm going to try your advice.
But I think Outsystems should have a video like this one ( So the public who doesn't know "anything" about OutSystems can have an introduction. The video is Brasilian.

Thanks for your answer.


And don't just watch the videos. Put the videos side-by-side with Service Studio, and actually do everything that is shown on the video. The benefit is huge.
Hi Paula,

Take a look at the sequence in
It's the most structured way to learn the platform.

Tiago Simões
And once you master the basics, check out the help center.