I am building an accounting application where I will have a full desktop app for all accounting activities. I also want to create a mobile app that will have a subset of activities. The mobile app will reference the desktop app entities. I know how to design and build my mobile app that can view (read-only) the desktop entities.

How do I build my mobile app to be able to add/update/delete rows of data in my desktop entities?
Under the properties for the entitiy, you obviously found the Public property, which grants read-only access to the entity data.  The next property in the list is Expose Read Only which you must set to No to allow updates.  Once you do this and refresh the references in the moible application, you will see more actions under that entity which will allow updates.
Curt, Thank you. I saw that option, but, did not recognize it to be as you explain. It's a double negative. Maybe they should state it as "Allow Update by Reference".  Thanks again!

This fully answers my question