Translate words database


How do I translate words that only exist in the database?

This words not exists in dictionary multi language.

Help me please.

Best Regards

Hi Eduardo,

Unfortunatelly there is no easy way out for this one.
You will need to move all translatable content to another entity.

In this example we have an application to do online surveys. Since each survey question is stored in the database, we need the Question_Locale entity, to store the question for a specific Locale.

And the Locale is just a Static Entity that has all the supported locales.

When the user logs-in a locale id is stored on a session variable. If the user clicks one a flag icon, that session variable is updated.
Whenever we want to display a question, we always do Question inner join Question_Locale, and then filter with Question_Locale.LocaleId = LocaleIdSessionVariable.

Hope I was able to give you the guidelines on how to solve your problem.