I have a weblock in which i intendent to auto-refresh it in every 30 seconds,so i am using an javascript function to invoke a hidden button from my webblock in interval of 30 s.

 setTimeout(function() { document.getElementById('" + LinkToRefreshPage.Id + "').click()}, 30000);
where "LinkToRefreshPage.Id" is the hidden button link.

But i its not working,i have also put an alert function to check wheather is working or not,but i am able to see the alert message but refresh thing is not happening.

I have used this code in "Webblock" Javacsript option,just below stylesheet.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & regards,
Swaroop Mutalik
Hi Swaroop,

It doesn't work at all or it only works once?
Is it a button or link? You could try to use the jquery .click () instead of the DOM one. if I remember correctly it doesn't work on one of them when the elements have onclick events.
Did you get any javascript errors in the console?

João Rosado