Student access to Outsystems training

Student access to Outsystems training

Hi I would like to know if there is any special training course for students or any special discount or payment options or payment plan to attend one of the bootcamps? Thanks in advance. Andreia
Hi Andreia,

If this is your first time learning OutSystems, you should download the free personal environment, and really go through the free online course.

I really believe the online training covers the basics and will make you understand how to make your apps with the OutSystems Platform.
We have an awesome community, so if you get stuck, just ask for help on the forums

With the personal and online training you've got 100% discount. How awesome is that? :)
thank you for your answer.
It feels a little overwhelming to start learning just by yourself.
But I've been reading the online resources and to begin I think I can manage.It's an extensive world the Outsystems Platform :)

I've been reading the forum questions and the support here is great!

really awesome!
Not only great, but also fast :)
A big worldwide community means that there is always someone awake and browsing the forum.

I totally understand that it feels overwhelming at first.
Instead of browsing the forums or reading technical notes, focus on completing the online training course. When you finish this course you will understand all the basics of the OutSystems Platform.

The course was designed specifically to guide you through the most important concepts of the platform, and you'll be implementing small real-world applications.
Would like to join on student application but unfortunatly i can not, " Log in invalid", is the message i am recieving.
I am using the same e-mail and password i have loged in on outsystem plataform.
I need help
Sorry Edson, but I didn't understood your question.

If you are trying to login in your personal environment, you should use the same credentials you use for the OutSystems Community.

I'm not sure which "student application" you are refering to. Are you following the online training?
Yes, i am following the online training
Hi Edson,

I'll get in touch via email to help you sort this out.

Thanks Miguel