upload an encrypted file

upload an encrypted file

how to upload an encrypted file from my computer (C:) and save it in network folder?
Hi bee bee kwa,

Congrats on your first post! :)

[While I haven't personally used it] I think the FileSystem extension should do the trick:

Upload the file to your application and then use the File_WriteBinary action to write the file to the network location (which must be accessible from your OutSystems Platform server).

If you encounter any issues while using the extension (I'm thinking "write permissions" here) please check the component discussions on the bottom of the component page.

Hope this helps!
excellent, it works. thanks.

one more question, I can download a single file from network folder to my computer. Can I download multiple files? 
Hi again,

Check out the Zip extension (actions CreateZip, AddFile and GetZipBinary). ;)