[Signature] Is there an example? Or maybe some documentation?

[Signature] Is there an example? Or maybe some documentation?

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Published on 2017-06-20 by Magda Pereira
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Published on 2017-06-20 by Magda Pereira
I downloaded and installed the Signature component but so far finding it impossible to use.  It's difficult for me to understand what the parameters are and how they are used.  An example, or some documentation, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Ok.  I've figured some of it out. 

PlaceId - Set this to the container ID.  If my container is called conSignature, then for PlaceId I typed in conSignature.Id

ImageInputId - Set this to an input field on your web screen and make sure the Max length is set to 50000.  My input field is called txtSignature so ImageInputId is txtSignature.Id.  Also for txtSignature, under Extended Propeties, I added the following to hide the input field.
  • Name 1 - style
  • Value 1 - "display: none"
To store the image in the database, I created a new entity and added an image attribute of type Binary Data.  I then used the action GetBinaryImage under Signature on the Logic tab.  I assigned the values to my record, including the output of GetBinaryImage, and added it to the database. 

Hi David,

First of all, sorry for not replying earlier..
Second, thanks for explaining how to use the component!


When some saves there signature, how to we show it again ?

I've followed the above
Hi Michael,

If wanting to show it as an image, you can simply use the widget of image of the platform, and make it display an image which the source is the database (your binary data field) (see the demo module in attachment.
If you want to make it editable again, it's possible as well, for that in the input Settings and configure it (check the official docs of the plugin).

Let me know if this helps.



Could you provide a simple screen shot of what the Page and Logic looks like in Outsystems?  

1 Picture is worht 1000 words here.

Im a little confused on the terms here "Container ID"  etc.