It would be nice to have a learning module focused on Integration Studio and Webservices or something like that.

I love all you tutorials and documentation it just seems like these 2 Use cases are missing the same attention.

Scott T. Kent
Hello Scott,

Regarding integration with REST API's, I have written up a detailed how-to some time ago. You can find it here.

Perhaps it's useful for you. Also, version 9 of the OutSystems Platform will natively support integrating with REST APIs.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Thanks for responding. I am greatful for the responses on the forum.

I did find that page initially and it was very helpful to point me in the right direction but it did not seem at all like a How To more it just helped me make a decsion on what components to use/learn, and it is very detail for this purpose? I see What and Why but no solid steps on How?

It seems to assume a lot of prior knowledge/expereince with OS and each of the modules/extensions it  depends on and does not go into any specifics.

I am doing my best to learn each one of those modules and this Example helped a lot as well:

This would be perfect if you had 2 tutorials explaining How you built the client and server in the above example. I dont see this for the current Native SOAP, or did I miss it? I guess I am just coming at it from a specific User Story of I am an integrator and I want to see how you handle SOAP and REST. It took me awhile to see how you consume soap and how you create soap webservices, so even a tutorial for this would have been great.

Compared to the rest of my frictionless exerience with OS, Webservices & Integration seems to be the only aspect that does not have the same smooth refined customer experience, especially in the video walkthroug/tutorial area.  I understand 9 will address this more but, I even still think a set of Tutorials on serving and consuming SOAP & REST Webservices would be AMAZING as it would help sell it to integrators and web developers focused on Webservice Pain points as well.

I realised this may have been a post for IDEAS? Sorry.