Extensions - Copy additional files to BIN directory

Extensions - Copy additional files to BIN directory


I have an extension implemented in .NET that uses a third party DLL. This DLL to work has to have a .DAT file in the same directory. While implementing the extension, I put the .DAT file in the bin directory along with the DLL, and the extension works correctly while testing through a test project (Visual Studio).

In Integration Studio, both files appear in the Resources tab.
When publishing the extension, and using it in my eSpace, the extension returns an error because it says that the .DAT file does not exist in the DLL's directory.

I added the .DAT file to the main project, and in the properties set it to "Build Action = Content" and "Copy to Output Directory = Copy Always".

It still doesn't work.
What am I doing wrong?

Best Regards,
Ana Sofia Santana
After some more research I figured out the answer with the help of this post:

The extension is now working without any problems.