London responsiveness not working in IE11

Hi, I created a simple table, and a list and detail screen by drag-and-drop.
In IE 11 the form appears badly, and responsiveness does not work. Looks like IE 11 does not recognise media queries of the london css.
In Chrome everything works perfectly so far.
Hi Pedro,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we'll take a look into that.

Tiago Simões
Hi Pedro,

Can you post a screenshot?
That is strange because IE11 should already work correctly with media queries. Are you sure you are not emulating IE8 (which doesn't support it) or bellow?

Tiago Simões

You are right! It was setting compatibility mode automatically due to intranet settings. :-S
Hi Pedro,

Can you check if you are getting this header in your requests:
X-UA-Compatible IE=edge,chrome=1

Because all OutSystems applications send that by default to override the intranet settings of IE and let it render correctly.

Edit 2: Just tried it in my server and looks like it's missing for some reason.
Thanks for catching the problem :)

João Rosado