recommended startup IOPS for outsystems

recommended startup IOPS for outsystems

May I know what is the recommended startup IOPS for outsystems?
Hi Raymond-

One of the great side-effects of the OutSystems Platform architecture is that server load (whether measured in compute (Ghz), storage (IOPS) or network (Mbit/s)) is almost entirely simply the applications that are created, deployed and managed by us. When an application is created and deployed, the Platform steps out of the way for the most part - except for performance monitoring, etc. These applications are standard Java/C# plus HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript running on top of standard JEE or .NET stacks.

I say all of that to basically explain that the recommended startup IOPS for your OutSystems environment is a function of the applications that you would be creating, deploying and managing with the Platform. Since those applications do not run "on" our platform, but are simply managed "by" it, the load profile or footpring is of those applications.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. Sorry for the late reply