How can we create Picklist fields in easy way

Hi All,
I need to create country as picklist field (i want to add all country values nearly 196 values to country field).
i know one way i,e creating static table and adding records to them.
other than this one is there any way we can create picklist with less effort.

Kindly let me we we do not have datatypes like picklist,multipicklist etc..
Hi Sudhakar,

If by "picklist" you mean a combo-box you just need to have an entity with all the countries and add set the source entity of your combo to be that entity.

João Rosado
Thanks for reply @Joao Rosado,

i already mentioned  that we know creating picklist(Combo Box) by using static table and add records to them,

We are here to know the other ways/Best Ways to create Picklist(Combo Box).

let us assume that my table/Object(entity) have nearly 20 picklist(Comobo box) fields,So do i need to create 20 static table to store those picklist values ???

I hope you understood what i am looking for.


you always can go for 1 static table with and extra attribute to seperate the different picklists.
just use queries then to fill the seperate combo-boxes.

Can you pls tell me how can we do that with only one static table.
And kindly let me know will it(single table to store different picklist fields ) show any effect on performance.


I just told you that.
Btw, you don't have to use a static table, you can also go for a normal entity.

On the second question I cannot answer. depends on too many factors.

Sorry for not giving a complete solution. I am here to help people, not making "schoolwork" for others.
If you don't understand how queries, comboboxes work I suggest to (re)watch some of the videos at
can you pls let me know  in brief how can i use a normal entity for combo box.
Hi Sudhakar,

As you can see here you can also use a normal entity in a combo box, just like you would use a static entity. In this case you can bootstrap the data into the entity from an excel file.