[LDAP] Error while using LDAP

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Published on 2014-11-24 by Filipe Jacinto
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Published on 2014-11-24 by Filipe Jacinto
I got follow link to work with LDAP but the problem is I am not able to access Active Directory. Can anyone suggest or guide me how to work with LDAP?
attached is the screen shots for your reference:
Hello, first u have to fill the site property (LdapBasicPath)with the server address (example: ldap://, then in the input box u fill only the (DC=FPS,DC=NIHILENT.....) part. Hope it helps.
Hi Tiago,
Can you please explain me briefly--where should I fill site property and how?

Go to ServiceCenter then Factory->eSpaces->Search for the eSpace name and click it->Site Properties tab, and you should find there the site properties to change.
Hi Tiago,
I did not found site properties tab in service center can you please send me the screen shots if any
I found the tab.