My colleague and I are starting to work more and more together on the same project and I have found the merging to be quite annoying.  Always having to merge changes is starting to make me want to wait until he's done before I start my work.  And this might be a result of us not setting the project up right.  Currently, we are in the same workspace.  I know we can have multiple workspaces and maybe this is what we need. 

Are there any best practices that somebody can share with us that will help eliminate this source of frustration?  We are both making changes to the frontend (interface) and writing new actions. 

Thank you.
Not sure what the best practices might be but I will warn you about using multiple workspaces.  I'm assuming you are using the Outsystems cloud.  DO NOT DO THIS!!!  If you create an eSpace in one workspace, export it as an OML file and then import it into another workspace you will get an error telling you that you cannot do this when you attempt to publish.  What's worse is that you can't even copy and paste individual pieces as you'll get a similar error.  The only way around this is to upload to the Forge, making your code public to the known universe, something that is probably not desirable.

I have been frustrated by and complaining about this issue for quite sometime.
Thank you for the insight Curt.  We have an OutSystems development enviroment hosted at our datacenter that we use.  It's reassuring to me hearing you are frustrated also; so there must be more.  I'm hoping they have a document, or more information, about this.  But if you been complaining about this for some time, I might start to lose hope.
If you are self-hosted you might not have the same issue.  You can set up another environment and try it.
Well, don't lose hope! We listen to you :)

The good news is that on Platform 9 there will be a new automatic merge feature, where it selects everyting automatically without even showing the merge tree (unless someone actually changed the same object).

As for the multiple workspaces, really not the way to go. The best tips that come to mind:
  • coordinate work taks so you are always working on different screens/actions.
  • when deciding what to keep on the merge tree the last line on the properties say the last modified date and user, So you can use it as a guideline on what was modified last.

João Rosado
Thank you João.  That's what we've been trying to do; work in our own Web Flows.  That seems to work but the new feature in 9 sounds like it will solve a lot of my concerns. 

Thank you!
Hi there,

My 5 cents to this.
Try to publish only when you really need to do it. Use the Personal Area to test your changes first.