Difference Between Edit Record and Form 

Difference Between Edit Record and Form 

Hi guys,

Short question: What's the difference between the Edit Record and the Form widget?


Hi Julius,

Great question, let me try to make it clear for everyone!

  • It is based on containers instead of tables so:
    • It is more flexible to format its content (e.g. adding section headers in the middle)
    • It is easier to conditionally show or hide sections (e.g. depending on users permissions)
    • It is more compliant with HTML5 design best practices
  • By default it uses labels that can be clicked to focus on the inputs, making the site more usable and compliant with accessability guidelines
  • It is possible to left, right, top align the labels just by changing the Label Position property
  • The css was also optimized for reading purposes and there is a "Is Editable" property, so it can be used in several scenarios where ShowRecord was also used
  • It has less properties, making it simpler for new developers
  • It is possible to drag multiple attributes to it (Edit Record only allows single attributes or the whole entity)
  • There is no validation parent property, all inputs inside a form contribute to the form valid property
  • User changes on inputs can be undone by clicking the undo icon

That's a quick list, there might be others that I'm missing...

Bottom line, in almost any scenario Forms are more appropriate than EditRecords, which are still available mostly for retro compability support (it is not straightforward to automatically upgrade all). 

Tiago Simões

Thanks Tiago for the clarification! :)
How can we remove Edit Record from the toolbar? :)
Hi Nuno,

Thanks for your feedback.
Removing, or at least hiding it a bit more, is certainly something we'll do in a future version.

Tiago Simões
Hi, In an formwidget the label of an Boolean input field (checkbox) isn't clickable. The webscreen was automatically created by drag/drop. Kind regards, Gert Kruijthoff
Hi Gert,

Thank you very much for your feedback. A couple of questions:
1 - What version are you using?
2 - Does the label have the Input Widget property correctly set?
3 - We're not able to reproduce the issue here, could you post a small example so we can take a look?

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago

2) and 3) I added een oml file with a simple application
Hi Gert,

Thank you very much.
The issue was fixed and it will be released in a future version.

Tiago Simões