Google Calendar Integration Platform 6 ou lower

Hi Guys,

does anyone of you implemented an application that integrates with Google Calendar?

I've found at forge a nice component, but it only works for Platform 8+. And, unfortunately my client is still on 6.

If you do have something like it or know someone who has, please send a sample.

Otherwise, our team must create one, and I really want to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Thanks in advance

Before reinventing the wheel I would use the free Personal Edition which is version 8, install the Google Calendar component and then recreate the compnent in your version 6 environment.  You'll actually have to reenter all the code, web screns and such because you'll get an error using copy and paste but at least you'll save some time compared to recreating it from scratch.
Hi Curt,

I was thinking about that. At least I don't need to think about the code from scratch.

If no one reports a 6th version or less of this, that's what we're going to do.