ActivityReset Problem

ActivityReset Problem


I have an human activity that is set to a group of users with the ActivitySetGroup action.

The problem is that when a user opens the activity from the taskbox the activity is automatically set to this user, unless he manually releases it. I'm hiding the release button. I want to release the activity programmatically, so the activity is always available to all all the users of this group.

I added the action "ActivityReset" to activity destination screen preparation. The action is executed, but sometimes the activity is release on the first time and sometimes only the second time the user opens the activity.

Is this action working properly? How can I achieve the behavior I've explained?
An alternative was to manually update the Activity Entity, but this option is not permitted by Service Studio.
I also tried the action "HumanActivity_SetToUser" from BPT_API and set the UserId to NullIdentifier(), but it has the same behavior.

It looks like sometimes the ActivityReset is executing before the Activity being set to the User..