How to Use List Box for Multiple Selection?

How to Use List Box for Multiple Selection?


I want to know how to Use List box for Multiple Selection?

1. It must select multiple values and store as a single record.
2. when we edit that record then Selected values must be display as selected.

kindly let me know how it can be done.

Jigs Mehta
Hello Jignesh.

Please consider other approaches than using list box. The preferred approach is to use one checkbox for each option.
This is a good article on this subject:
It tests a listbox against a checkbox list and came up with this and this result.

Besides, you won't find modern UIs using list boxes, so new users may have to learn how to use it.

If you really must use the list box, please read the Service Studio Help.
Hi Leonardo,

I am interested in your comment regarding modern UI's not using list boxes.

In the case of needing to pick one type of fruit say, Apple, Orange, Kiwi, Banana & Watermelon - typically I would use a List Box but how would you approach such using a modern UI?

Cheers, Mark

Hi Mark.
I would use a list of checkboxes. It is found in many newsletter campaings, for the user to choose the subjects that interest him/her. Typically it's a form such as this one.

Note that list boxes do have some good advantages. They are compact, occupying little screen space, and they perform better for advanced users, specially if they need to select contiguous options. But IMHO they are rarely used well.
Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for your Reply, But Here we have 40+ options, So it will occupy more Space in Edit Page if i will use Check Box,
Please let me know if you have any idea to complete my Requirement.

Jigs Mehta
Hi Leonardo,

Food for thought!

Thanks for your reply.

Jignesh, you can use the ListBox if you feel your users will understand it (e.g. if they are trained to use your system). See the documentation for the widget. Or you can use a checkbox list in multiple columns.

However, you should understand the usage of your system. For example, how many options would a user select, on average? If the most usual case is, say, 1 to 3 options, having a ListBox would require the user to scroll a few seconds trying to find the options.

If it's really an important decision for your system (e.g. users will spend hours per day inputing data in this screen), consider implementing both and testing them with your users!

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I know this is a little old of a thread for a new reply, but I recently created a page to use list boxes to manage basic "key word" style assignments, which I think is similar in nature to what the original post was asking about. I have written up all the steps to the process in my technical blog. The blog post is found at The page I created looks like this: