PopUp Editor Window Closes immediately after HTML Loads.

PopUp Editor Window Closes immediately after HTML Loads.

When you click Edit button for the decision Members the Window Opens then closes. This happens as soon as the page starts loading, you see it then BAM it closes.
I have set the window size and disabled all the auto resize features, as has been suggested.
I have ensured the referring edit page buttons are all Ajax, as has been suggested.
I do not have a Close Action in the referring edit page's Preparation.
I made sure all References are up to date.
It does work for Windows 7 FF31 Fails in Win7 IE11 OSX Chrome36 FF31 Safari8
Its actually more strange that it works in Wind7 FF31 and not any of the others?

Hi Scott,

I see this behavior typically for 2 reasons:
1. I have allowed anonymous access to the calling page, but forgot to allow anonymous for the popup page,
2. There is an error being thrown.

Either way, you should see something indicating the problem in service center. Have you checked there already?

#1 Was it. It is so obvious now thank you!
I will verify permission next time I am experiencing any issues similar to this.