web store application - architecture to implement - doubts

I intend to publish an application at apple store and charge any user that use it. Which is the better way to do that ?
My requirement are:
- inside the web store the customer pay the charge by credit card, after payment confirmation the environment configure itself enabling the number of users will be enrolled (example: StarWars company will pay for 05 individual licenses that will be available after payment - environment: StarWars/ Licence: 05 - enable enroll of 05 employees in the system)
- employer enrolls the employees
- employee downloads the application available at apple store and log in to use it
Realize that I will not manage the application adding/removing new users. It will be done by the customers through available roles.
Hi Luciano,

The user management part is still done on the OutSystems Plaform, so to have new users, an admin would have to go to the Users app or any backoffice you may develop, to create that new user. Then, using OutSystems Now, the new user can login and access his application(s).

From my point of view, you can have your application free on the store, and then charge for the users on the backoffice. As long as they are paying, they can use that login.

Please note that you have restrictions on the number of end-users for the OutSystems platform, which can scale depending on your license. I also advise you to review the Apple/Google stores policies and ensure that it does not violate any, as well as our own. 

Hi Marco, 
  thanks for the feedback. I don't know backoffice. Is there some video class or documentation where I can see how it works ? I believe I would be overloaded managing hundred of requests to open new users or enabling admin for these. During my research I've found 2 ways: the grant<role> command and multi-tenant. The first one I can use the userid to check the role and enable the menu. The second one I need to name an environment. Maybe the first one is the ideal because I can manage all users inside a unique place. What do you think ?
 The application certainly will be free on Apple/Google stores and only registered users will access it through userid and password.
 Related to the end-users for the OutSystems platform, how can I check the better way to scale the application that could became global ?
Hi Luciano,

The backoffice would be what you have called by the web store. I just called backoffice, because the end users will not see it, just the person who goes there to pay and create more end-users, kind of like the admin.

With OutSystems Platform, you are able to dynamically create new users and assign roles to those users, or remove if necessary. You can also disable users if needed. Multi-tenant is also a great feature, as it would segregate the data between each tenant, but I'm not sure you require need that. Multi-tenant would be more appropriate if you would be re-seling your application as a service with complete data segregation: http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/7.0/Multi-tenant_eSpaces/About_Multi-Tenancy.htm

So, an admin user would go to your web store and log in. You can show it how many users he has and display a control panel for him to create more users and pay for it, if needed. You dynamically create those users and assign whichever roles they require. Roles give you control over which applications those users will have access to.

OutSystems Now will allow users to access multiple applications, which you can control with the use of roles. The OutSystemsNowService module - which you install on your environment - is responsible for logging in the user and displaying the list of applications available in OutSystems Now. You could do some customizations on this module if needed.

For more details on how you could scale your application, I would suggest you check the subscription page and contact our sales department: http://www.outsystems.com/enterprise-subscription/#_