entity diagram question - relationship


I want to create a flow where one section can have mutiple answers to choice from, and the answer routes back to another question. I have two tables [sections] and [routes]. One section can have 1:n routes (easy to set up). One route however can point back to zero or one other section (0:1). 

How do I implement this in Outsystems in such a way in the diagram that the intelliwarp creates the screens properly ?

Regards, Harry
Hi Harry,

The attached example should fill your requirement. The relationship is set up as a 1 to many relationship where the FK is not required. From that, I used the accelerators to create several pages. One thing you can easily add is master detail, such as dragging the routes entity into the section_show page to create a list of routes for that section and vice versa.

Hope that helps....
Hi Isaac,

the 1:n as described is easy to set up I agree. But this is what I want:
-a section can have many answers (the 1:n)
-but an answer can route to another question

so there must be a field in the routes table: goToSection that relates to one section.

That last part I'm having diffilculties to design.

Regards, Harry .