Mysterious exception: "Invalid key"


This must be a question to people familiar with outsystems internals. Every time in the same place of code I'm getting mysterious exception with a message "Invalid key". Debugging didn't show the place in logic - this looks like appearing around the end of the action, specifically at the "End" shape. What happens around it - is just DB queries and assignments, which are shown successfull. I tried to find at least a type of exception - I made error handlers for every single type of exception available, but the flow goes to "All exceptions". This makes me think that this is some internal thing.

Can you advise, what this might mean at least?

Maybe it's being thrown by a web block in your screen (for example, are you using google maps with an invalid developer key?).
Try to see the error detail in Service Center - the stack trace will probably give you a better idea.
Thanks, Paulo - stack trace in Service Center helped me resolve this! Top of stack trace looked like this:

Invalid key
   at .AttributeGet(GlobalObjectKey key)
   at .FillFromOther(ISimpleRecord other)
   at .FillFromOther(IRecord other)

This gave me the idea that it was caused by incorrect table mapping. It turned out that eSpace just needed a reference refresh, because a column was removed from the entity (quite long time ago that I have already forgot about it), and although the entity was not used directly - it was used inside of the referenced method.

It appears that outsystems generates code as part of the consumer eSpace for the actions it references, instead of referencing already generated code. This makes references refreshing more important than I thought.