erro ao upload de projeto

erro ao upload de projeto

Foreign Module Error
Your OutSystems subscription only allows uploading modules developed in your environment, or downloaded from the OutSystems Forge. To share this module with the community, upload it at
Hi pereiragobatto,

Here's the important question: what code are your trying to upload and where to?

?If you got this error while trying to upload a Forge component to your personal environment please let me know so that we can clear the IPP (Intelectual Property Protection) from that component - something that Forge should do by default during the upload.

Moving code between 2 distinct personal environment is only possible if you open source the code in the Forge. Trying to publish code directly downloaded from another personal environment will result in an error like the one you received.

If your trying to move code between enterprise subscriptions there is a online tool ( that will provide you with a new version of your code that can be deployed on the target infrastructure. There's no point in using it for code developed in personal environments though.

On any other scenario please contact for help.