Forge component IPP locked outside personal environment

Forge component IPP locked outside personal environment


I've just submited a component to the forge and expected it to be unlocked for every environment however i realized that despite the fact that it works great on the outsystems cloud personal environment it is still locked in private environment.

What could be the cause for that? Is it suppose to be locked for those environments?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Pedro,

What component are you having problems with?
Once you uploaded it to the forge did you download it again from the forge or just tried to use the same binary on the private environment?
The way it works is: you upload it to the forge and then all downloads will not have any IPP restrictions.

Edit: I checked the component you have on your list (The "FileUploader Image Viewer") and only the example oml looks IPP locked, since the process does not run on documentation files (that can be any type, not only oml's).

If thats your problem, it's easy to clean it, just do a reply here on this thread with it as attachment, and then download it. It will be clean as well. Then you can reupload it to your component.

João Rosado