ECT and IE 11 not working

ECT and IE 11 not working

I found a javascript error when trying to put in screen feedback with IE 11.  It happens when clicking on the screen.  Does anyone have a fix?

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry for taking so long to get you a reply.

Unfortunatelly it looks like the ECT component has a problem in IE11.
Our support team has already created a bug report for the R&D to look into this.

For the time being, there is no known work around other than using another supported browser.

Our company is getting ready to upgrade users PCs to IE 11 which will be the default browser.  Do you know what the time frame is for this?
Rebecca, do all your users use ECT or only a few power users and IT?

Because if only savy users will have the problem, I would say compatibility mode will do. It's faster that waiting for R&D to fix and launch a new version, assuming you can upload your servers when you want.

I had a similar problem with IE10 and Sharepoint advanced functionalities that I later found out no one cared about, and the few who wanted it back, found the solution alone.
I'll have to check and see ... right now our Administrator has disabled this option for our users.
I have confirmed that I can change compatibility mode to get pointer working in browser.  It appears that it isn't working in "Edge" mode.