eSpace File merge - unable to select all

eSpace File merge - unable to select all  

Before you could select (check) the top node of the tree and all sub nodes will be be selected (checked) now you can not do this? 

The merge arrows also do not work! (BETA 1)
Hi Robert,

Thank you for your feedback.

The top node selection was removed by design, as we changed the algorithm that calculates the differences between espaces, when you are connected to a server. Under the normal scenario of multiple developers working against the same server, you will only need to make selections to handle real conflicts.

Can you please provide us some insight on your real use case and why you would need to select the top node of a tree and want everything below to be selected?

As for the merge arrows, they work when there are differences, just not as expected. They do select the object with the difference, but the view is not scrolled to show that object. We are looking at this.

Use case for select all...When you want to merge one or more espaces file into one espace, you might want to use the select all feature to merge all actions, web screens, entities, structures etc try selecting 200+ Items, one item at a time -it's a problem.
The new merge functionality was designed with the objective of making life much easier for the "multiple developers working on the same espace at the same time" scenario.

The use case that you reported was not primary for that goal, so it is possible that we may have overlooked some functionality that is more important in some other scenarios, as is the case.

We will have a look at it and see if and when we can incorporate "select all" behaviour.

Thank you for the feedback.
I understand that collaboration between developers is something you would like to improve. But select all is useful and, is ideal for refactoring Espace!

Basic feature such as select all should be included. It's up to the user how he wants to use the tool/IDE.

Eventually a company would have to refactor their application! Some applications are very large, it's going to cost them alot of time clicking a few hundreds or thousands of times to refactor an espace.
Note: Refactoring does not occur frequently, once or twice a year however merging occurs frequently.

Select all can mess up an espace and can cause alot of problems. But select all is still a useful feature to have, when used by someone that knows what they are doing, it can save a developer a lot of time.