Massive demand for outsystems resources in 2014 and 2015!!

Massive demand for outsystems resources in 2014 and 2015!!

Hi Guys,

My name is Alan and I have been doing IT Recruitment for the last 8 years. I am currently a Recruitment Account Manager in Dublin and I primarily recruit for Hewlett Packard

I have been asked by HP do go out and identify Outsystems developers for upcoming roles later on in 2014 and early 2015. 

These Developers just dont exsist in Ireland and I am looking to see if anyone knew of anyone that would be keen on relocating to Ireland or know where I can find these people

Any help is greatly appreciated

Look forward to hearing back from the outsystems community



Glad to hear that the demand for Outsystems developers is increasing!!  I suspect you'll have a huge challenge getting any significant number of people to move.  I would encourage you to have an on site project manager that can interact with the client and who knows Agile and then do the actual work with developers remotely.  I suspect you could build a great team that way and deliver outstanding results to your clients.  Also, speaking for me, I can work a lot cheaper remotely than on-site so you'll be able to keep costs down.

Good luck!!

I noticed an increase in job offers worldwide for OutSystems experts this year.

Like Curt said, while a technology is new, the few experts are abroad and may be difficult to move them. But OS is easy to learn so you may build a team from scratch quicker than you would move the experts from other places.

The question is what kind of people you want in your team.
Junior developers with no previous experience? Developers with some experience in other languages? Senior developers willing to start from scratch in a new technology?

In my opinion, the only key factor is if they have been through a advanced developer bootcamp. It is the only thing to make a real difference. For that they would need 2 year experience in OS. Can you wait those two years?
If yes, start a new team now and do smaller projects to build up experience before the big ones arrive. In two years they will be ready (and will be a team).
If not, hire experienced developers who won't lose any time in minor issues and can build the team spirit later.

OS is less error-prone and remote work will probably do.
I have had great experiences so far with OS. Here in Brazil we are experiencing a strong need for OS developers.
Now we are hiring other platform's developers, and working on a new skill in the organisation: Analyst Developer. A person who is Senior in Software Development in some OO/Web technology and has had a good experience in relatioship with client's bussiness (requirements analysis, modeling, etc..)
It'll take some time till we have a proficient team, but this is the better way. I believe OS is a way with no return and the organisation MUST think of managing its knoledge. Using the power of good consultant support is good for a while. So I agree with Nuno in that point of view.
Another thing I think every big project has in common is the need of an advanced support. Architecture's sizing for expansions, support when JBoss or IIS suddenly crash...
Dear Alan,

Good to know demand is increasing for the OutSystems Platform.

OutSystems has an acceleration program to ramp-up developers in customers and partners. This program takes 5 weeks, and trains the developers while they are actually delivering real applications, using on-site experts from OutSystems to coach the team. Its an hands-on program, so customers and partners get value out of it (the applications being delivered) while training is still ongoing.

This said, you can pick up .NET or Java web developers and quite easily and fast make them autonomous in OutSystems. Internally at OutSystems we do exactly this when hiring, so a good starting point may be to hire such .NET/Java web developers and train them in OutSystems.

In OutSystems' Careers page you can see what we look for when hiring Consultants.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Thanks so much for the input guys. The above information is really helpful

My reason for the post is primarlily down to being proactive rather than reactive. These roles will be coming up later in 2014 and I wanted to see what the european market was like

I think the biggest problem I will have when reaching out to the outsystems community is that most people will want to work remotely and this would not be an option with HP here in Ireland

Hi All,
Thats a great news for all OS developer , i knew that this will happen soon , in our case i think we were the first in india to opt OS and now we have many companies going for this tool .


It seems odd to me that someone from a large global company like HP, with tremendous resources to apply to customer's needs, could just have a blanket statement like '..this would not be an option with HP here in Ireland.'.  If you proposed a .Net, Java or some other solution would all those people need to be on-site?  You don't need to reply here, but I would really look at the tremendous opportunity to meet client's needs better and cheaper using Outsystems.  I don't know too many businesses that wouldn't make compromises to save significant money.  I do understand that some clients require on-site (I currently work for one) but I don't think you should just give up the idea without some due diligence.