We have a requirement mentioned below:

We want to show a grid table on the UI. We want the columns of the grid table to be selected by the user and then the grid table to be populated respectively.

We are using MultipleSelect component to get the list of the columns to be displayed in the grid.

While writing the SELECT query, the number of columns will differ according to the user's selection. For this is there any way to create a dynamic structure by passing number of columns and their datatypes.
A dynamic structure isn't such a good idea. For SQL Query to be optimized, it needs to know all possible columns to export.
Why don't you filter just in the table?
I guess my question was not clear.

Suppose I have a table 'Employee' with columns 'Name','Department','Salary','Manager','Address','PhoneNumber'.

Our requirement is that the user should select which columns he wants to see in the grid from the table 'Employee'.

Suppose the user selects 'Name','Department','Salary', then he would see only this 3 columns in the grid.

I am using MultipleSelect widget to list the columns for selection.

Could you please guide as how to hide/show a column based on selection ?
Hi Alefiya Ali,

Try to use this component, i never tried it but i think it does what you need.
thanks Nuno Rolo.... Will try this one...
Hi Alfy,
The other way around is to keep maxim column to show and apply a css on the column based on the configuration weather the column need to be shown or not and the css will hide the column.

if the bool value for the column is false then apply a style display:none in its extendend property and that should work.