Price Range Javascript

Hi Guys!,

Can anyone teach me or help me on how i can implement the price slider on this link?

Thanks in Advance
Hi Lennard,

Take a look at this post:

In there it is explained the generic steps necessary to integrate a plugin into your applications.

Hi sir Guilherme Pereira,

I know how to add a simple javascript in my oml. I was just wondering how i can implement the slider on the link above with parameters. meaning i can input the min and max value at the same time on change of the value it refreshes a table. just like the slider on this link
My only problem with the slider of the html 5 goodies is that it has only one adjustment button. where in the one i link above has two buttons where i could ajust both min and max parameters.

if anyone can help me with this is greatly appreciated.

I have plans on implementing this component someday. But I can't say a date. When I get this ready I'll let you know, if someone else don't make it before...