Displaying URL in new browser window

Displaying URL in new browser window

I have an External Site with a dynamic URL parm. I have a Link to that site feeding the parm a LinkedaIn Profile web address. The Link Method is Navigate.

When I click the Link, I'm expecting a new browser window dislaying the LinkedIn Profile. What I'm getting is a new browser window with the same web screen containing the link and an empty EditRecord.

What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks, in advance, for your reply.


Does the url include http? It may be interpreting it as a relative address, there pointing to localsite/linkedinadress, and later correcting to a valid internal address.

Check in Service Center for invalid url errors.
I've tried http://www.... and www...

Same result.
Is there any error in Service Center?
Can you share the link properties?
No errors. See attached.
Thanks again.
What you are doing is sending the link to another Screen. It works, but is too much work for nothing and the extended property "target=_new" isn't getting where you want it.

Try with a simple external URL and if it works, complicate from there.

Indeed, that works. But when I tried it yesterday, it didn't.

So I'm doing something differently now. [I'm suffereing the trials of a newbie.]

Thanks again.
You're welcome.I don't want someone wasting the weekend in unnecessary errors :)
Are you on the job with OutSystems or doing this on your own time?
This isn't a job. Outsystems doesn't need to pay me to compliment the product. :)
I'm doing a pet project that I want to close before going on vacation.

I identify with your excitement about the product. But for me there's a lot to learn, since I haven't programmed the web before.

Another [very basic] question, if you have the time. Attached is a shot 0f the screen that I was referring to earlier.

If I drag-n-drop a URL to the Resume data or LinkedIn data and then click on the respective View links, it does not find the data I just dropped in. However, after I save the screen [and refresh the EditRecord], they work. Which tells me I'm not really populating the EditRecord when I enter data. What am I populating, and how can I reference it? I don't see any candidates in the Expression Editor for the link URLs.

 You want to open the current value of the variable, not the one it had before the user edited values.

When the page and link were generated, the variable was empty. Therefore, the link goes to nowhere.

You need to read the record just before you open the URL.

So, the link should call an Action that will read and follow the URL. Because you have two fields, I added a boolean variable saying which one to read. For more variables, use a Text variable and a Switch.