Service Studio is not getting started.

Service Studio is not getting started.


I have installed service studion but when I am connecting with localhost, it is giving error that it is not compatible with platform server How come Platform Server comes into existence since at the time of installation I have installed
Please guide me.
I am using Service Studio 7.0 and I want to upgrade to Service Studion 8.0.
Do I need to uninstall something?

Please check the attached file.

Suraj Borade

The platform has a server component (Platform Server) and client components (Service Studio & Integration Studio). Both (server and clients) are installed independently. For instance, it's possible to install multiple versions of Service Studio, if for some reason you have to connect to servers running different versions.

You need to install Service Studio 8.0.0.x for accessing your local server.
For this, go to Platform, Downloads, click Explore the full downloads repository and find the latest Service Studio 8.0.0.x version. It's a fairly old version, so you may have to move through the pages a bit...

Thanks. Its working now.