Comma Delimited Value into SQL DB

I have an Variable called Var1 which has a value of "Hector,David,Dmitry"

How do I write the sql in the advance query so that it becomes



This is usually how I insert records to db

INSERT INTO {Table1} VALUES ([Name])
Hello David

Although it's possible to insert data and records in the database using Advanced Queries, it can be quite cumbersome, and isn't build to change. :)

The recommended approach is to use the Entitiy Action Create (or CreateOrUpdate if you're updating a record) instead. Now, this action receives a record of the Entity data type, and you can set it's record values with and Assign node.

The tricky part, is to split the values by the delimiting comma. That you can achieve by using the String_Split action from the Text module that comes along with the Platform. You can split the text by comma, and get a list of text values, then iterate the values with a foreach node to insert the records using the above mentioned Entity Actions.

For splitting text using the Text module, please refer to :

Hope this helps.


Miguel João