HI All,
I have many espaces in my projects and every espace contains few pages , i want to give a same alias to every espace and i am abl eto set it from Service Center but it is working for only one espace and not for other.
On emore thing if i can have single alias for more then one espace then in that case how it will identified sane name pages in two diffrent espaces?
Please help.
You can create alias for eSpaces in ServiceCenter -> Administration -> SEO URLs -> eSpace Alias List

You can configure the same alias for several eSpaces. I think they are searched on order, therefore the sooner you add them, higher the priority. But right next to eSpace Alias you can do some Page Alias and avoid duplicates.
Correct , the priorpity is on order . I will try page alias and will test if it works for me.
Hi Nuno,
I have given two same aliases for two espace , its allowing me to craete the same alias fo rtwo espaces but it is working for only one espace.
The pages are unique and thus i want both esapces pages to be accessible with the common alias.

You can try to workaround by editing the ISAPI directly in IIS.

Are you sure you don't want to merge the espaces?

I created an espace alias. The problem is, it isn't working.. 

Outsystems tells me : "To set an eSpace Alias go to the eSpace Edit screen and set it in the Operation tab."

On the operations tab of the espace, there is nothing about aliasses..

Anyone can help me?