converts any record list to Csv for

I am using outsystems version. I want to convert record list to Csv. I got some convertors but I didn't get it for this version. Can you please help me to get some solution.
Did you try this?
Actually what happen na last time i just downloaded some component which was not supported to my outsystems version and then all reference has been changed. If i download and include it in my project will it effect to my references?
Hummm... you may have downloaded a deprecated solution (.osp) containing some outdated system components. Watch out for components marked as "Retired" or "Deprecated". You can still install these, but would have to extract the modules first and manually publish only the ones not existing already in a default installation. This can be a bit complex.

Anyway, the Csv component is just an extension (.xif file). You can safely publish it and reference its actions.
I will try that. Thanks for your solution.