data save problem

data save problem

I have a screen that works like a wizerd and loops to the same screen until there is no more record id's for it to process. when it gets to the last record the save action is not done. It is called but nothing happens no data is saved to the database. i use a query to fetch the last and next id's from the database.

all works well until there is not next id then the data dose not save.

please remember that the screen is in a internal loop the fetch the next id for the next screen on the preperation.
Hi LeRoy. 

I didn't understand your question very well, could you upload your eSpace so we can check what's going on?

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Tito Azevedo.
Thanks for the replay I found the problem. You see the screen is a self-contained loop. When the screen loads you pass it a unique id from a record. This Id is used to fetch data from various systems and then fetched the one before the current and the next unique if from the same data base record and passes the id’s into local variables. The variables are used later for navigation to load the next set of data or the pervious set. You also have a save method. The save methods saves the data and the checks the see if the next unique id is not null and if null go to the home page or if not null the load the same page with the next unique id and this will repeat until the last record. On the last record on the save it just goes to the home page, But when this happens it does not save. If I take out the part the moves to the next page or home page then the save works on the last record.
Glad you could figure it out :).