Sales Management Solution

Sales Management Solution

Good day,

I have a project...a sales management solution which is to be used to record sales. the cost and type of goods will be updated by the admin along with the purchase and the selling price. Daily sales record should also be available, the profit  made per day, week and month shouldd be available to view. The application will trigger a receipt for the customer which will be taken to the sales pple.

Can Outsystem do the job?

Kindly revert ASAP

When the question is "can I do x with Outsystems?" the answer is always "yes". The only thing that may vary is the amount of work involved.

In this case the answer is "no". Because it is already done :)
Take a look to those more complex cases:

And here is how to do it:

This is only a starting point. Feel free to customize or improve the solution.